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Items I Use!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to share what materials I use with all of you to hopefully make it easier for you to get everything together to start your next project. Below are my favorite and most commonly used yarn, PolyFill, Polybeads, items I use for pictures, hooks/needles, felt eyes, safety eyes and more.

Below is my link to my Instagram, Etsy, Facebook and more if you would like to follow me and I can’t wait to see your creations.

Ignore the line through the link, it should still work. (Beacons page sometimes gets recognized as a “broken link”

Check out our crochet patterns and other digital products! Link below!

Have fun and enjoy!

The Fox Den Mom Life only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. This post contains some affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.


All the yarn listed below is available in multiple colors.

Parfait Chunky:

My favorite yarn is Parfait Chunky by Premier Yarns (Parfait Chunky is really its own yarn, but it is similar to Sweet Snuggles lite, not able to mix though).

Snow Cone Light:

Parfait Chunky XL

Parfait Chunky LX can be used with Sweet Snuggles yarn by Loops and Threads

Chunky yarn not your style? Premier Yarns has some really cute weight 4 yarn as well. Check out this Sweet Rolls Fruit yarn!

Sweet Rolls Fruit Yarn:

Premier Yarns has many other yarns! The ones listed above are just some of my favorites. Click the link below to get to the homepage.


I like to get this 20 pound box of Poly-Fil, but that may be too much if you’re looking for a few small project so there are links for other sizes below.


Poly-Pellets are perfect for filling the bottom of some amigurumi to help them stay sitting up. Also, Poly-Pellets are perfect for the bottom of Gnomes. Check out Emmie Sue Designs for a cute gnome pattern!

The Ploy-Pellets cannot go inside the yarn by themselves and need to be contained, especially if you are selling your items for small children. Sheer stockings are perfect for this, read on to see an example.

Sheer Stockings:

These are perfect for containing the Poly-Pellets. The first option is 10 pairs for $8.73 which is about .87 cents for one project. Fill them with Pole-Pellets and tie in a knot or use yarn/string to tie off so no beads escape. Put it in the bottom of your project and fill Poly-Fil around it for a perfect weighted base!

Here is another option but honestly any type of sheer stocking will work.

Items I use for Taking Pictures:

Crochet Hooks and Needles:


Two of my favorite places to get crochet hooks are The Clay Bean Company and My Darn Yarn.

The Clay Bean Company will post “crochet hook drops” on their Instagram when she has hooks ready but she sells out very fast (literally will sell out under 60 seconds so you have to be quick and also prepared that you may miss out). I have missed out on many crochet hook drops but that is also part of the fun.

If you try to get hooks from her and miss out, please do not be rude. They are a small business and cannot mass produce. Everything is handmade and hand painted. **Also, the race makes getting the hooks that more fun**.

My Darn Yarn usually always has hooks in stock but they are “made to order” so you will not get a hook quickly from them. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to get a hook. This is because they are making the hook personally for you (they are not pre-made) so please keep that in mind and be patient. They have so many fun and cute colors and a few different handle styles. I love their hooks and find them very comfortable. They are worth the wait!

If this is not for you and you would like a hook now then check out these ones from Amazon.


Felt Eyes:

I love the look of felt eyes! Some of the eyes on my work I make with my own Cricut, but I also buy from Kaytedids and Hanner_gurumi all the time. I love their eyes and they are really good quality, also so cute!

They both post “eye drops” on there Instagram when they have eyes ready but they sell out very fast (literally will sell out under 60 seconds, usually within 30 seconds so you have to be quick and also prepared that you may miss out). I have missed out on many eyes drops but that is also part of the fun.

If you try to get eyes from them and miss out, please do not be rude. They are both a small business and cannot mass produce. **Also, the race makes getting the eyes that more fun**.

If this is not for you then you can also type in “Felt Eyes” on Etsy and support another small business selling felt eyes. Make sure you find someone with good quality eyes and I recommend looking for a shiny backing on there eyes. This means they added Head n Bond to the back which is a felt stabilizer and also helps increase the bond to the yarn. (Both Kaytedids and Hanner_gurumi use Heat n Bond backing).

Ignore the line through the link, it should still work. (Beacons page sometimes gets recognized as a “broken link”

Safety Eyes

I personally like to get my safety eyes from AliExpress because they are less expensive than other locations. Do not buy from here if you need eyes fast! AliExpress eyes can take anywhere from 4 to 8+ weeks to arrive and can get stuck in customs for weeks. This does not bother me because I always order way in advance. If you need eyes quick, then scroll down to the last link for an option from Amazon. Also, I recommend looking up safety eyes on Etsy if you don’t have time to wait for AliExpress eyes.

Crinkle Material For Baby Toys

This is perfect for adding that crinkle noise to baby toys. I recommend sewing it to the inside of the project so it doesn’t bunch up over time. It can be washed in a washing machine and is dryer safe.

That Is It For now,

I will continue to add to this page as I find more favorite items! I hope this was informative and that you find what you’re looking for. Enjoy your next project and I can’t wait to see pictures of the final product pop up on social media!

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